Early Childhood Education 

EXPERIENCE A School for Today’s Families

Our Preschool and Junior Kindergarten Programs offer children and their parents a unique educational and child care opportunity.

  • An enriching program keeps pace with each student’s evolving development and nurtures the whole child. 
  • Uniforms create a sense of belonging.
  • A structured schedule includes library, music and gym time.
  • Healthy morning snacks and lunches are prepared on campus and served in the classroom.
  • Flexible morning programs allow you to work around your family’s schedule. 
  • Optional afternoon daycare from noon to 5:00pm.
  • Teachers in our Preschool and Junior Kindergarten programs are Early Childhood Education (ECE) Certified and are dedicated to providing a nurturing experience.

CONNECT In a Caring Community

In our small and personalized environment, every child is valued for their unique identity. A secure foundation to explore the world is formed by establishing meaningful connections with caregivers, children, their families and their community. Preparing our young ones to move forward into their primary years with confidence

Our ECE students have the advantage of being part of a larger school community with access to a gymnasium, a library, music, healthy snacks and lunches, and other school resources – all included in the monthly cost.