Scholarships & Financial Aid

Queen Margaret’s School is pleased to offer a variety of programs to assist families with tuition and educational expenses.


Queen Margaret’s School entrance scholarships are awarded to students to recognize a student’s academic history, involvement in school activities, and personal character. Eligibility for scholarships will be discussed upon submission of all application materials including school reports.   

Scholarships are applied toward tuition fees. 

Queen Margaret's School does not offer full scholarships.

Scholarships may be renewed annually subject to continued academic achievement and contribution to the the school community.

QMS Heritage Scholarships

Our alumni create a strong foundation to continue the QMS traditions and share the school's values with the next generation. Heritage Scholarships are a special honour bestowed on a current or new student who had a family member from a different generation attend QMS for more than one year.

QMS Heritage Scholarships (Current or New Students)
Deadline: May 31 each year

QMS House Scholarships

Celebrate your House Spirit and become a QMS House Scholar! This scholarship fund was created for students who represent a commitment to our House values: St. Hugh's - Service to Others, St. Gabriel's - Find Beauty in all Pursuits, and St. Michael's - Facing Life with Courage.

Deadline: May 31 each year

QMS Young Riders Scholarship

Queen Margaret’s School encourages students to explore the equestrian sport. Entry level riders can apply for this financial award (rolling deadline).

Deadline: May 31 each year

Team QMS Scholarships

We invite new students to QMS who are high performance riders to apply for the Team QMS Scholarships (rolling deadline).

Deadline: May 31 each year

Equestrian Program Scholarships

We are pleased to offer various equestrian based scholarship awards to current and prospective Queen Margaret’s School students. Click on the links below for more details. 

Deadline: April 29, 2022


We recognize that tuition fees and other expenses can stretch a family’s budget. Our Financial Assistance Program was created to help families bridge the gap between their tuition costs and financial resources.  

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need, rather than academic standing.  

During the confidential review process, our Finance Department takes into consideration a family’s income and expenses. Families who qualify may receive up to 40% of tuition as a bursary. Application forms for our Financial Assistance Program are available through the Admissions Office. 

Deadline: May 31 each year

Tuition Payment Plans 

To help families manage costs, Queen Margaret’s School provides affordable and convenient payment options through a Tuition Payment Plan.  

This plan allows North American families to pay annual expenses in ten interest-free instalments. There is a monthly $50 administration fee (per family). 

Our Finance Department will provide details to parents on how to enroll in the monthly payment plan following receipt of a completed registration.  
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